Screenings of movies chosen by Natasha Christia

01.06 Saturday
Screenings of movies chosen by Natasha Christia
Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art (audiovisual hall), pl. Szczepański 3a
Entry: 2 PLN


Who Is Afraid of Ideology (part 1)
Marwa Arsanios
(24 min)


Who Is Afraid of Ideology (part 1), shot in the mountains of Kurdistan in early 2017, primarily focuses on the Autonomous Women’s Movement in Rojava and its structures of self-governance and knowledge production. This is a guerrilla-led movement that views gender liberation as a coexisting and equal struggle to that of resolving the conflicts of war, feudalism, religious tensions and economic struggle. But despite its core emphasis on ecology and feminism, the autonomous women’s movement is not a liberal project. It is an ideology that has emerged from and is practised through war. The movement’s most recent participation includes the Syrian Revolution which began in 2011 and remains ongoing.


Marwa Arsanios is a visual artist, filmmaker and researcher who reconsiders politics of the mid-twentieth century from a contemporary perspective with a particular focus on gender relations, urbanism and industrialisation. She approaches research collaboratively and seeks to work across disciplines.


Mothers of the Land
Alvaro Sarmiento, Diego Sarmiento
(74 min)


Mothers of the Land takes place in the context of climate change, in which Peru is predicted to be among the three most affected countries in the world. Female farmers in this highland region struggle to adapt to extreme changes in weather and the ravages this produce, by using both traditional and modern agricultural techniques that allow them to maximize clean energy.

We devote our life to produce independent documentaries focused on the defence of human rights and environmental conservation in the Andes and the Amazon of Peru because we believe that films have the power to change the world.

(from the directors’ note)


Alvaro and Diego Sarmiento are two Peruvian filmmaker brothers. Their debut feature Green River: The Time of the Yakurunas premiered at the 67 Berlin Film Festival (Forum 2017) and the Museum of Modern Art Doc Fortnight in New York. Diego directed several short films, two of which screened previously at the Berlinale: Earth’s Children (Generation 2014) and Sonia’s Dream (Culinary Cinema 2015). Alvaro is a visual artist and screenwriter recipient of the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Arts & Literary Arts Residency and the MacDowell Colony Fellowship.