Being Krakow Photomonth Volunteer allows you to become an ambassador for one of the biggest photography festivals in Europe and have the opportunity to meet professionals, photography enthusiasts and world-famous artists. Volunteering for us means working with the whole Festival Team at the various stages of the Festival in such areas as exhibition set-up, accompanying events, care for Guests, and work at the Festival Centre.

Our Festival has been inviting photography enthusiasts for 17 years now! Every year, Photomonth gives a unique chance to develop various skills during the work at the exhibitions production, through the activities improving art and photography knowledge, up to perfecting project managing and organizational abilities. This year once again we would like to invite you to creatively cooperate with the Photomonth Team. Join our #wolomfk family!

We know how such collective work can be a huge opportunity for Volunteers themselves, but also for us – the organizers. It is thanks to you that we learn and grows every year – each time different and fresh. If it were not for you, none of the previous editions would have succeeded. Volunteers are the ones who create the atmosphere, respond, give advice and are full of commitment creating such an exceptional event with us.

Being a Volunteer Coordinator on such a large scale over several months is certainly a huge challenge. Our ambition is to deliver it to the highest possible standards of collaboration in which we do succeed, which is proven by the Volunteer Friendly Organization certificate awarded to the Foundation for Visual Arts in 2015. For us, the certificate is both a reward for our efforts and a pointer for our future activity. For more information about the certification go to:

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Volunteers mainly provide a roundtrip airport shuttle service for invited Festival Guests, especially just before opening and on festival weekends (driver is provided by the Festival). This section is for those who are punctual and have a good command of English. It’s a great chance to have an interesting conversation with curators, artists and journalists from all over the world.

Volunteers will be asked to supervise exhibitions at the appointed hours and places throughout the Festival, as well as to provide visitors with information about a given artist and their works. Volunteers in this section also help to ensure that the Festival events such as workshops, openings, Masters Series meetings proceed in a smooth way. If you are an art lover, would like to spend some peaceful day in the gallery or you wish to improve your communication skills this section is for you!

Volunteers are responsible for distributing the Festival’s promo materials – posters, festival programs and postcards. If you don’t like staying in one place, know the city inside out or wish to know it a bit better sign up here! Distribution is a collective effort taking place before and during the Festival.

Volunteers help set up exhibitions at the beginning of April and around two weeks before the Festival opening. If you are not afraid of physical effort and enjoy resolving various technical and manual issues? Join this section! Patience and fine motor and manual skills are essential for the job. At times, you will also be needed to prepare the space for the installation team, which will require a good understanding not only of people but of things too. The work will continue throughout the festival and approximately a week after when the exhibitions are being uninstalled.

Festival Centre is the heart and showcase of Krakow Photomonth Festival. Volunteers working at the Festival Centre are responsible for issuing accreditations and welcome packs to Guests, providing festival-related information and selling the publications. This section is for people who are well-organized, independent and communicative, with good English. We work in a small team which demands responsibility for the current affairs of the Centre.

This section was created to document the Volunteers’ work as well as Festival itself. You can refine your reporting skills by taking notes and conducting interviews for our blog. We also need photographers and cameramen willing to experiment visually and share the results of their work with us and the public. If you are interested in social media areas our #wolomfk Instagram is a place just for you. During the Festival our Volunteers run our Instagram, they also contribute materials to the official Festival social media channels.

For the Portfolio Review volunteers are needed to give a hand to the reviewers and participating photographers and do the necessary physical work to prepare the spaces. This section is meant for people with fluent English, especially those who can act as interpreters for the reviewers and participants.

Krakow Photo Fringe is a project that unites independent artists and creators which takes place during the same time as Photomonth. Volunteers are able to see how such project is created from scratch by working under the supervision of Fringe Team. You will help with organising events and exhibitions, supporting Festival Team by running social media platforms and assistance at openings which will happen in many different locations in Krakow as well as help with distribution of KPF’s promotional materials.

Section for those who are not afraid of challenges! Just before the Festival opening and during its first days our Photomonth Team often needs a lot of sudden support in many various areas such as technical assistance, promotion and distribution department and exhibitions. If you are always on the move, looking for time flexibility and unusual tasks this is the place for you.