We Are All Photographers in Krakow

25.05 Saturday


Sources and influences, or an attempt to find answers to elusive questions

Led by: Todd Hido

Klub Pod Jaszczurami (theatre hall), Rynek Główny 8


Todd Hido will cover the experiences, strategies, and influences that have formed and shaped his career. The photographer will describe in detail the process of making several of his monographs and the corresponding exhibitions. He will candidly present his own work, as well as providing answers to the elusive questions many artists ask themselves: Where does my work come from? What does it say? How can I express myself more effectively? What does it mean—and does that even matter?


Todd Hido (b. 1968 in Kent, Ohio, USA) wanders endlessly, taking long road trips in search of imagery that connects with his own memories. Through his unique landscape process and signature colour palette, Hido alludes to the quiet and mysterious side of suburban America—where uniform communities provide for a stable façade—implying the instability that lies behind the walls. His photographs feature in many private and public collections, including the Getty, Los Angeles; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Notably, Pier 24 Photography holds the archive of all his published works. He has published more than a dozen books, including the award-winning monograph Excerpts from Silver Meadows (2013) and the innovative B-side box set designed to function as a companion piece. His Aperture titles include Todd Hido on Landscapes, Interiors, and the Nude (2014), part of The Photography Workshop series, and the mid-career survey Intimate Distance: Twenty-Five Years of Photographs, A Chronological Album (2016). His next book, Bright Black World, will be released this autumn. Hido is also a collector, and over the last 25 years has assembled an extensive collection of photobooks, which will be featured in Bibliomania: The World’s Most Interesting Private Libraries (Random House, 2019).


27.05 Monday


We Are All Photographers in Krakow vol. 3

Led by: Iwo Zmyślony

Hevre, ul. Beera Meiselsa 18


28.05 Tuesday


We Are All Photographers in Krakow vol. 3

Led by: Marta Zgierska

Hevre, ul. Beera Meiselsa 18

Autorki cyklu:

Monika Szewczyk-Wittek i Katarzyna Sagatowska


Wszyscy Jesteśmy Fotografami, barStudio, Teatr Studio

Partner Główny:

E. Wedel, Fuji


Fundacja Sztuk Wizualnych, Miesiąc Fotografii w Krakowie, Hevre, Klub Pod Jaszczurami