Michał Patycki, Sun

Curator: Michał Szlaga


“Staszek Zięba (from the Szombierki mine) finished his shift. After eight hours underground with only a flashlight, he rode the elevator to the surface, dropped his chit into the box, gave back his light to the shop, and then pulled his civvy pants off the hook on his way to the bathroom. After washing up, still stark naked, Staszek heads straight to the solarium, where he strolls between two rows of ultraviolet lamps, taking a sunbath that is supposed to cancel out the dearth of sunlight he suffers from while on shift.”

If the Sun went out, life on Earth would cease in about a week. Sunlight is a fundamental source of energy in the Earth’s energy budget and is necessary for nearly all forms of earthly life to exist.

The Sun has been heating our planet for millions of years, driving the annual growth of hundreds of billions of plants across Earth, and has in the past supplied the energy that we release today by burning oil and coal.


This project is supported by Miasto Gliwice.

Michał Patycki (b. 1995 in Gliwice) is a photographer, Slavist, graduate of the Institute of Creative Photography at the Silesian University in Opava (Czech Republic), and has returned to the ICP for his master’s degree. His works revolve primarily around the intersection of parascience and the use of photographic archives. Interested in energy and its place in the universe.


Tytano, ul. Dolnych Młynów 10


25.05.2019, 8 pm

Exhibition open:

Tuesday–Friday 15.00–19.00
Saturday–Sunday 11.00–19.00


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