Art and self-publishing as a tool for social change

The first edition of the PAPERLUST festival (24.05–14.06) is focused on the Visegrad region and was organised in collaboration with partners in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. The festival’s aim is to facilitate the discovery of lesser-known European art scenes, to encourage artistic exchange, and to explore the power of self-publishing as an offline medium in the age of the Internet.


24.05 (Friday), 17.00
Official opening of the Festival and the exhibition Photobook: Asset
i Gallery, ul. Józefińska 21


25.05 (Saturday), 15.00
Opening of the Photobook: Process exhibition
Nośna Gallery, ul. Zabłocie 9a/9b


25.05 (Saturday), 18.00
Opening of the Photobook: Storytelling exhibition
Fundacja Sztuki Nowej ZNACZY SIĘ / New Art Foundation ZNACZY SIĘ, ul. Kościuszki 37



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