Lablab x Krakow Photomonth – check how our exhibitions are produced

Another year of cooperation with Lablab Foundation has passed! We are really happy that Lablab’s proffesionals have produced some of our exhibitions. Take a look at our online galery where we repeal the veil of secrecy!

Lablab is a group of professionals with extensive experience in exhibitions producing. This year they’ve taken care of, among others, framing „Cloud” curated by Wojciech Nowicki, exhibition production of “Pompier, Muck, Socrococo” by Anna Orłowska, “You Are What You Eat” curated by Natasha Christia, „Land of Black Milk” by Stefanie Moshammer, „Ladies Looking: Photographs 1976–2012” by Joanna Helander, and framing ShowOFF Section project “Waiting Room” by Zosia Promińska and production of Gregor Kallina, Tatiana Bondareva, Michał Patycki and Henri Airo’s exhibitions.

If you are looking for a help and support for your project, we highly recommend Lablab Foundation!

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