PEACE AND LOVE – support Janek Jurczak’s initiative

Support unusual project of Janek Jurczak, ShowOFF Section 2019 – help raise funds for a homeless shelter and support center in Avdiivka, in the conflict zone of Eastern Ukraine.

In 2017 and 2018 Jurczak had been working with a citizens of Ukraine living close to the area of conflict in the Eastern Ukraine. The photographs in Life Goes On (his ShowOFF project) were taken in Donetsk Oblast, Eastern Ukraine, in towns a few kilometres from the front lines. Jan Jurczak grew particularly attached to one resilient community of locals in Avdiivka, a suburb of the city of Donetsk, to which he paid frequent visits. It was Elena who rented an entire floor of flats, making rooms available to those who were homeless. Read more about his project >>

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To raise funds for a homeless shelter and support center in Avdiivka, Jurczak will be selling two of his works, a newspaper (photographs and text) and a short video, with proceeds going to the shelter. Proceeds from sales of the newspaper and video (80% of the price of the newspaper and 100% of the price of the video) will be donated to the shelter, which is run by the remarkable Elena Pisareva, whose commitment to helping those in need in her Avdiivka community has been a great inspiration to Jan. The funds will be used to cover living expenses, to fix the roof (which has been damaged by shelling) and to cover the medical costs of Elena Pisareva’s treatment, who is battling cancer even as she keeps the shelter going.


Life Goes On, an exploration of daily life in the conflict zone is a photobook in the form of a newspaper. It consists of a series of photographs and statements about the love and death of people living in the conflict zone.

The newspaper is available at Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art in Kraków in our Festival Centre (24.05-2.06), at the PIX.HOUSE Gallery in Poznań, it can also be collected personally in Warsaw (31.06) or shipped by Poczta Polska (20 PLN).

This publication was made possible by the support of the Foundation for Visual Arts, which organises Krakow Photomonth, and PIX.HOUSE. It has been published as part of the ShowOFF Section exhibition at Krakow Photomonth 2019.



10 Minutes of Silence, a part of Janek Jurczak’s exhibition at the PIX.HOUSE Gallery in Poznań, is a silent-film portrait of the individuals living in the centre in the conflict zone. The video, when purchased, can be both streamed and/or downloaded.

The action is a continuation of the Peace and Love Initiative.



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